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SERVICES OFFERED (Water/Sewage Treatment Plant)

Water Distribution

  • Complete civil design with chemical dosage, mechanical design of pumps and pipe line sizing, including all components except electrical.

       Major components

  • Finished water storage

  • Distribution system

  • Water pumping and storage

  • Bulk water station


Water Treatment Plant 

Design of filtration of water with respect to physical , chemical, microbiological properties of drinking water as per IS 10500 or WHO standards "Guidelines for drinking-water quality", considering turbidity – color – odour – taste – temperature properties of water.

Major component's (Design/Sizing & Drawing's)

  • Raw water settling pond

  • Pre-sedimentation

  • Screening

  • Coagulation (coagulant tank, chemical specification and dosage)

  • Aeration

  • Flocculation

  • Sedimentation (with and without coagulants)

  • Filtration

  • Disinfection/chlorination, lime dosing

  • Softening

  • Process laboratory and testing

  • Storage

  • Distribution (pumping and pipe line design with ESR, GSR & other storage methods)


Detail design and drawings of additional Filtration components which can be added as per requirement

  • Primary treatment

  • Maintaining PH and added flocculants and coagulation chemical

  • Biology treatment

  • Organic matter degradation with the help of aerobic bacteria

  • Dual media filter

  • Ultra filtration

  • Calculation of MLSS, MLVSS, dissolved oxygen and chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand of pretreated water and post treated water.

For Detail Service-Specific List of Clients/Work's Done/Scope of services pls Contact on

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