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AEC has all necessary software necessary for delivering JOB'S on time, we can submit output based on following list of software for prof checking as and when required by client.

We see that our personals get training for latest versions and update's of software for their respective fields, 

A. Structural Design

  1. Stadd pro

  2. ETABS

  3. MBS

  4. SAP2000

  5. SAFE

  6. ESR GSR

  7. In house developed macro based spreadsheets

  8. In house developed design software based on MS Dos & c and c++

B. Program for River Training works/Hydraulics

  1. HEC Ras,

  2. ARC MAP,

  3. MIKE10,

  4. OASYS

C. Alignment

  1. Road MX

  2. Esurvey

D. Drafting

  1. Tekla structure

  2. Auto-cad

  3. Geo tool

  4. In house developed auto-lips drafting programs

E. Lighting Design

  1. Dialux

F. Electrical

  1. E-Plan


  1. Ms project

F. List of Some Prominent Software Developed by us

  1. Program for geometric designs of highway elements

  2. Program for RCC single circular pier & pier cap with open foundation

  3. Program for RCC wall type pier, pier cap with open foundation

  4. Program for design of group of piles and pile cap

  5. Program for design of elastomeric bearings

  6. Program for design of no of circular piers by frame analysis

  7. Program for design of box culverts

  8. Program for stability analysis for mass concrete abutment

  9. Program for stability analysis for mass concrete pier

  10. Program for stability analysis for mass concrete wing wall & return wall

  11. Program for design of continuous RCC beams

  12. Program for design of RCC column & footing

  13. Program for structural design, drawings and estimates for buildings and cross drainage structures

  14. Program for preparation of bills of quantities from basic data

  15. Program for rate analysis

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