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Details design of various components including

  • Major and minor irrigation projects & command area development

  • Aqueducts, syphons, canals and canal regulatory works

  • Intake structures, tunnels, surge shafts, pen-stocks and power houses

  • Engineering of barrages, major dams and irrigation tanks

  • Lift irrigation schemes

  • Water distribution systems

  • Water resources consolidation

  • Flood control

  • Evaluation of the safety of dams

  • Modernization of canals

  • Collection works, treatment works, transmission works, distribution works

  • ESR & GSR (steel & RCC)

  • Evaluation of various sources of water 

  • Detail design and sizing and layout of transmission and distribution pipe line along with civil components

  • Sizing and type of pumps, vales and other mechanical component along with technical specification

Irrigation pre tender work

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