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2D and 3D design

  • Finding the best camera locations.

  • Calculating precise camera lens focal length , viewing angles and pixel density (PPM/PPF).

  • identification, recognition, observation, detection and monitoring zones of each camera on site plan.

  • Minimize dead zones to increase the security level of premises using 2D and 3D modeling.

  • Getting estimations of required network bandwidth and calculating the required HDD storage space for video archives.

  • Complete GAD with camera arrangement and cable layout up to VMS, VMS rack positioning.

  • Complete BOQ of items.

Selection of CCTV camera  based on

  1. Analog or IP based

  2. Indoor or outdoor

  3. Type : dome/ bullet box

  4. Nigh vision/IR

  5. Lenses

  6. Fixed or PTZ

  7. Ex-proof, anti vandal vamera

  8. Resolution

  9. IP Protection, low light performance and optical zoom capability

  10. Cost

  11. wide dynamic range of light (WDR)

Video management system with following features (VMS)

  • Motion detection (recording during motion detection only)

  • Distributed processing (single management interface allowing clients to access camera sources across all servers, )

  • Audio ( two-way audio recording)

  • Alarm I/O (alarm outputs to activate ancillary equipment such as lighting, alert message via email, cellphone SMS, or over the Internet to a clients application or mobile phone app.)

  • Pan tilt zoom control (ability to remotely control pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras only, can be remotely rotated, titled, and zoomed, a single camera to monitor a very large area with detailed views of specific areas of interest.)

  • Hybrid analog / digital recording in single system

  • Fisheye dewarping

  • Single recorded stream, multiple views (show multiple camera views from a single recorded stream)

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