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SCOPE OF SERVICES ( Hydraulic Gates )


Detail Design & Drawing with Mechanical Parts with Following Components


Type of Gates

  • Vertical lift gates 

  • Radial gates

Embedded parts, guides and supports 

  • Slots and niches 

  • Wheel track 

  • Slide tracks 

  • Concrete bearing pressure 

  • Wheels and pins 

  • Gate hinges and bearings 

  • Bearings 

  • Cylindrical bushings 

  • Spherical plain bearing 

  • Roller bearings

Gate hoists

  • Screw lifts 

  • Wire ropes 

  • Roller chains 

  • Oil hydraulic drives 

  • Gate hoist arrangement 

  • Hand operation 

Gate seals 

List of works done

For Detail Service-Specific List of Clients/Work's Done/Scope of services pls Contact on

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