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SCOPE OF SERVICES ( Lighting Design)

Lighting Design (General)

  1. Day and night view of luminary

  2. Selection of luminaire and its source of light,

     Point's of consideration

  • Cost of luminaire & bulbs

  • efficiency in terms of electricity consumption

  • life cycle of luminaire, maintained

  • protection IP and atex based

  • dimmer based etc

3. Selection of lighting color

4. Fixing location of fittings, (height, position)

5. Lux level calculation based on IS or BS standard, point's of consideration (openings in buildings, color of wall, materials of construction of room/outdoor periphery, color of glass of windows, light absorption coefficient of various material, available day light, refractive index etc.)

6. Provision of emergency lighting with inbuilt battery, generator/UPS backup etc. along with auto switching automation, provision of minimum lux level according to codal provisions

7. Smart scheduling or smart sensors.

8. Automation with the help of motion sensors, photo-voltaic sensor, proximity sensor, IR based system, or light management system.

9. Centralized management system for lights.

10. Light programming with DMX.

Benefits of Automation/Centralized Management System.

  • Lower electricity bills

  • Fewer repairs and decreased maintenance costs

  • Greater efficiency of equipment

  • Require fewer personnel to manage building

  • Increase occupant satisfaction and safety

  • Gain competitive advantage

  • Increase asset value

  • Modernize buildings

  • A mere 5%-15% of the equipment cost, savings of up to 30% on operational costs from electricity bills alone

  • Additional savings from reduced manpower requirements and fewer equipment repair costs

  • Also increases asset life, providing indirect value

  • Return on investment in 2-3 years for a building with a projected life of 20 years

Scope During various Stage's of Projects:

Conceptual Design -

concept sketches, illustrations, presentation, conceptual lighting renderings and schematic drawings

Design Documentation -


Lighting drawings, lighting specification and dimming control schedule, lighting calculation, leed requirements and overall design coordination.

Construction Documentation -


finalizing the lighting drawings and specification along with dimming control schedule, developing lighting details, coordination with other consultants, value engineering, answering RFIs.

Construction Administration -


Periodic site coordination, coordination with other services, quality control of design implementation, final aiming and setting light levels, issuing a punch list to project team, post occupancy evaluation.

Details scope of service

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