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Detail design & drawings of formwork along with methodology.

Formwork design & code's adopted

  • ACI 347-R 2014- guide to formwork for concrete

  • ACI SP-4 (R14)- formwork for concrete

  • BS 5975 2008: 2011 - british standards code practice for formwork

  • CAN/CSA-S269.3 (R 2008)- canadian standard on formwork

  • AS3610 & SAA 1509-2010-Australian standards for formwork

  • EN12812–european standard on performance requirement and general design

  • IS-14687–1999 (Reaffirmed 2005) , Indian standard-false work for concrete structures

  • IRC 87-2011-Guidelines on formwork, false work and temporary structures


Detail design & Drawings consideration

  • Types of finish

  • Anchorages, form ties, braces spacing and tying of diagonal bracing's

  • Requirement of opening for vibrator

  • Construction joints, expansion joints details

  • Camber or adjusted elevations to compensate deflections

  • Bottom precast sill under shores for heavy loading

  • Formwork release agents

  • Any special patterns or grooves requirement as per architectural finish requirement

  • Supporting members for permanent shuttering along with the formwork

  • Essential provision for specialized construction techniques such as taking the boom placer,  crane load to be considered along with the self climbing equipment

  • Embedded parts, openings, any MEP works requirements

  • Water barrier ties for water retaining structures


Methodology & Construction sequence Includes

  1. Method of placing of concrete-pump, crane bucket etc

  2. De-shuttering time, in case of post tensioned time for De-shuttering

  3. Rate of concrete pouring

  4. Pour sequence

  5. Sequence to concrete placement along with form-work removal time

  6. Sequence of form removal, back propping, re propping etc

  7. Methodology for proper deflection/release/loosening of supports for shell/dome structures

  8. Sequence of De-shuttering for providing proper stress pattern in the structure


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