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SCOPE OF SERVICES ( Tendering Service/DPR)

We offer unmatched tendering/DPR service for infrastructure project.

Major objectives fulfilled

1. Determining costing of the project

2. Detail technical specification (component wise) ascertain the quality of work, (optional)

3. Floating tender 

4. Bid evaluation


Major Highlights

A. Quantity and Rate.

1. Primary design of each component for extracting sizing, quantity/BOQ of major component of the project

2. Rate analysis of non-standard items

3. Adjacent site survey for material procurement, which needs to be procured locally

4. Suppliers list along with quotation for materials, which needs to be sourced locally to minimize lead-time and lead distance

5. Detail BOQ (Model/Specification) along with components wise rates

6. 3 to 5 Quotation for major items


B. Quality specification

  1. Providing detail technical specification of major items along with relevant local or international standards as applicable

  2. Vendor list of prominent vendors for major items

C. Safety standards

  1. Local safety standards and legislative bodies associated for the same

D. Time management for project

  1. Histograms and similar plans for tools and material

  2. Histogram for man power

  3. Man hour calculation


E. Tendering

    1. Drafting tenders as per relevant standard & final bid evaluation

For Detail Service-Specific List of Clients/Work's Done/Scope of services pls Contact on

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